Wedding Video Booths from Facebooth

A Wedding must have!

We guarantee there is no better way to relive the atmosphere, the fun and the great memories from your big day than with your personal messages captured by Facebooth Wedding Video Booths.

You will watch a special collection of videoclips, recorded on the day at the reception, of your family and guests as they record their FaceBooth message…

You will laugh as you see the silly dancing and singing, you see the smiles and the joy your guests felt on that day and the fun they had as they shared in your wedding celebration.

Maybe you share a tear or two as those closest to you tell you how they feel and how happy they are – their personal, intimate message to you that could only be expressed on your big day.. in this special and unique way.

Even better! You will have the messages that you left for each other and or as a couple.

All this before you get to see you your photos and your ceremony video!

Our Wedding Video Booth Service includes:

Nationwide Delivery – we love travelling around Ireland! | We Customise FaceBooth’s Screensaver, personalising it with your pictures, text and/or mini movies (if you so desire) to give it a personal touch

Cards for each table – to make your invited guests aware of the FaceBooth so they can leave their special thoughts and best wishes (and maybe some dancing)…

We add professional editing and your favourite music to the DVD’s to make it really come to life! | 2 DVD’s (one cut version & one uncut version) are ready for you in a few weeks after the special day for you to relive your big day. >

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